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  • Daniel Tan

How to write a bible study

You read off your bible study preparation checklist.

‘Do you understand what the passage is saying?’… Check.

‘Have you understood why the author wrote this passage?’... Check.

‘Do you know how this passage ought to apply to us today?’... Check.

You breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, all the hard work you’ve put into studying the passage has paid off. Finally, you’ve got the ingredients you need for a bible study.

Now comes the next step - writing the actual bible study.

In this next training module on How to write a bible study, we’ll be thinking about the different parts of a written bible study (Check out the infographic in this blog post!), the principles behind writing good bible study questions, some common pitfalls to avoid and we’ve even got a sample bible study for your reference.

We hope this module will be a helpful guide for you as you go about translating the fruits of your personal preparation onto paper. Happy writing!


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