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  • Jonathan Boon

Giving Your Preacher Sermon Feedback

There he goes again.

His pet topic. His favourite verses. The same illustrations.

You shut your bible.

*Bizzz… Bizzz…* Your mobile phone loads a stream of text messages about lunch plans. You reply to the messages and also browse your Facebook notifications.

The preacher continues his sermon but all you can think about is lunch.

Your stomach growls and you sink into your seat wondering when the sermon will end!

If this sounds familiar, congratulations, this post is just for you.

When a preacher opens the bible, we should be listening carefully and critically observing the bible passage as he delivers the sermon. It is the responsibility of every Christian to discern what is being taught and apply what is true and faithful to our lives.

We should also consider giving a preacher sermon feedback that is thoughtful and gracious as this edifies the church. It also displays the glory of God as brothers and sisters mull and respond to the words of God.

In this module, we encourage you to help preachers by learning how to critically evaluate a sermon and how to deliver thoughtful feedback.

Jonathan Boon is a Ministry Apprentice at Bethesda Church Bukit Arang. He loves straight lines, right angles and math.


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