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  • Ivan Chow

Good illustrations are like hot iron brands

They sear truths into our memories that remain long after the sermon has been preached.

That’s why preachers work hard at effective illustrations. And yet, it’s a struggle for many of us. There are more misses than hits. We rack our brains in vain trying to think of effective illustrations.

In this module, we aim to make a preacher’s job a bit easier by breaking down the 3 kinds of illustrations preachers can use and the 6 features of an effective illustration.

Here's a glimpse into the 6 features:

1. It makes one point.

2. It’s familiar to the listener and/or the preacher.

3. It conveys the emotional content present in the point it illustrates.

4. It doesn’t require extensive explanation.

5. It’s not too interesting or emotionally charged.

6. It doesn’t take the place of explanation but complements it.

Ivan is an Elder-Pastor at Bethesda Church Bukit Arang. He's suffering now but knows glory is near. He supports Liverpool and has 7 kids.

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