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How to lead a bible study

For those who’ve ever led a bible study before, you’ll know that leading a bible study is not always an easy task.

There are difficulties that come with leading a group comprised of people at varying levels of maturity.

The challenges of engaging members who are disinterested or who might have "drifted" off.

Not to mention the dread of questions about predestination that threaten to derail the entire bible study!

Today’s module on How to lead a bible study was written by Andrew Ong, a pastor from Bethany Trinity Presbyterian Church to help bible study leaders with the task of leading the study.

In this module, Andrew will be helping us to consider what is the role of the bible study leader? How do you guide discussions within the group? What do you do with long silences and pauses? How should we think about controversial issues in the bible study?

We hope it’ll be a great resource for you as you go about leading your small groups.


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