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Reading the bible with someone else: why bother?

When was the last time you dug deep into the bible with someone?

While many feel that reading the bible one-to-one is low on their priority list — amidst the busyness of juggling family, work, and church — it is probably one of the most effective ways to do discipleship and evangelism. In fact, with the latest restrictions placed on large scale church gatherings during this COVID-19 pandemic; never has this tool been more fit for the task!

In this new series, Andrew Wong takes us on a journey of exploring the why and the how of one-to-one bible reading. As a sneak-peak, here is what Andrew says is a benefit of one-to-one bible reading:

It is something two people do together, not something you do for another person. No matter how many times we have read the bible, God’s word still speaks to us and we will still be challenged. Andrew Wong, Bethany Trinity Presbytarian Church.

Check out the first training module"The role of one-to-one bible reading"! We hope this new series will be an encouragement and useful resource as you meet with one another to hear and obey God's word.


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