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  • Ivan Chow

Surgery in progress: What is not expository preaching - Part 2

In our previous training module, we dug up 4 of our old sermons, put them under the microscope and dissected them to see why they were not expository.

It was a gory mess.

But, the clean-up crew have done their job.

The operating table is clean again. And so, we’re ready to now put 7 additional kinds of sermons under the knife.

These are:

1. The too-narrow-doesn’t-take-context-into-account sermons

2. Old testament sermons that don’t connect to the New Testament

3. Shopping sermons

4. Springboard sermons

5. Concordance sermons

6. Doctrinal framework sermons

7. Cultural framework sermons

In Part 2 of 'What is not expository preaching', we define what these sermons are, give some concrete examples and give reasons why we don’t think they’re expository.

We do this exercise because it is our conviction that when we let God speak in the way He wants to be heard, God’s people are transformed and people are called into his Kingdom!

Keen to know more? Subscribe and follow us in Part 2 of this module!

Ivan is an Elder-Pastor at Bethesda Church Bukit Arang. He's suffering now but knows glory is near. He supports Liverpool and has 7 kids.


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