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How to get started with one-to-one bible reading

As Christians who care about evangelism and discipleship, we mentioned in our earlier post

"Reading the bible with someone else: why bother?", about one-to-one bible reading and the upsides of this personal approach to help others learn about God and His plans for the world.

Perhaps you are convinced to do so, but you might be intimidated or feel ill-equipped. And your next question might be "Where and how do I even start?"

This post is for those who wish to know the preparation process to read the bible with someone.

Andrew Wong's latest training modules, a continuation from his first module on "The role of one-to-one bible reading", describes in helpful detail ways to get started. He notes the importance of prayer for God to make such meetings fruitful. He shares different techniques and methods to read the bible together. He also reminds us that the goal is not about perfection, but to simply start and make this sustainable.

The good thing about one-to-one bible reading is that you do not have to be the know-it-all. It is a journey of learning from God’s word together. If there are questions that you cannot resolve within the session, allow both parties to go back and read up commentaries, or ask your bible study leaders or pastors. At times, the answer can be found in the later passages if we just hold out and persevere. Andrew Wong, Bethany Trinity Presbytarian Church.

So rather than avoiding one-to-one altogether, here are some ways Andrew wants to help you move forward:

  • The WHO question: Anyone? Everyone? No one?

  • The HOW question: “He/she said yes!” “Erm, what now?”

  • The WHAT question: “Help! He wants to start with the book of Revelation!”

  • The WHEN question: “Great! We’ve started OnetoOne... now when do we stop?”

  • The stuck question: “Oh no! I don’t know!”

  • The Genre –what is that?

  • The Three Musketeers - Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, and The Exegesis

  • Questions for the road

There is no better time to read the bible and proclaim the good news of Jesus than now.

May you find the boldness to just do it!


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